Editing Triggers in Flows for Teams

Natalie Goode

I'm interested in creating a Flow that triggers a notification in MS Teams when an item in a column of excel is marked "Complete"


I have found a Trigger that works with rows, but not with columns. Am I able to edit a Trigger or create a new one?


Any tips on how to do that?



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You have to use the row trigger, just put in a condition to check the column every time a row is modified/created and send Teams based on that. You always have to know the row number to do something in excel so they trigger on row.

For a person new to Flow and one that does not know any programming behind the program...is there a layman's way that you can explain that? :) Thanks!

Well apparently my brain failed me I thought I had seen a trigger for updating a row trigger. There is only the new excel integration option which is a manual flow for a row of data. Otherwise looks like file modification which does no good when it comes to excel.

Might be best to look at moving that excel data into a SharePoint list, then you'll be able to easily pinpoint that trigger and open up a much broader toolset.

Good to know, I'll take a look. Thanks!

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