Editing Teams Meeting Options Within a Shared Calendar

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We have a shared department calendar which is used to schedule recurring Teams meetings. Several people are not in the same domain. Every time we have a meeting they have to be admitted from the lobby. The IT department's solution is to schedule the meetings from an individual's calendar instead of the department calendar. This is not an option. From past experience when meetings are scheduled on an individual's calendar and that individual leaves all the meetings have to be deleted and rescheduled.
Is it correct that Microsoft does not support editing the Teams meeting options within a shared calendar (regardless of a user’s underlying permissions)?

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Perhaps consider using a Teams team for this department and schedule the meetings as channel meetings? If the lobby is the only issue, you could just change the meeting options beforehand to let people automatically bypass the lobby or make some other people either a Presenter (this role can also admit) or a co-organizer with access to the meeting options.