Edit Failed when trying to edit a post.

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I have a user having issues editing some of his posts within a channel. I disabled editing on a test channel and I can't seem to replicate the error. 

2020-06-09 15_56_51-Inbox - - Outlook.png


The user mentioned he can edit some posts and some times they cannot.


What does it mean when it's in red? 




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Hi @Mouang Lee

Do you get the issue in the web client (

If you don't and this is restricted to the desktop client, get the user to log out completely, clear the cache ( and then log in again - see if that fixes it


I have also seen reports that attachments may cause this

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

In my case, I was not able to edit a message until I removed attachments.  Once I removed the attachments I was able to edit the message and re-attach the files.


Both the web and native client gave the red "Edit failed" response.


I am a team owner and all permissions related to editing and deleting messages were enabled.  Toggling the permissions off/on did not have any effect.

@blszn Thank you for the correct solution.

I just ran into this on the desktop client, and @blszn's solution worked. How doe we get this fixed?