Edit / Delete Message options disappeared

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I think yesterday they were there in the ... thingy and today they're gone. Nothing in manage team> settings > member permissions either.
Tried creating a test team from scratch and they don't show up there as well, not even via browser. Coworkers report the same problem.

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Looks like the messaging policy has been adjusted. In this you can change the setting to “allow/disable” the option to edit or to remove.

Could you please check this and let us know the outcome?

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@Mitchell Bakker - thank you for helping with this problem. Can I re-adjust my messaging policy as a user? Or doe I have to ask my helpdesk to do it? 

@James-wt this has to be done in the Teams Admin Center. It can only be done when you have the Teams Admin Rights in Office365. So as an end-user, this is not possible to adjust it yourself. Looks like you need to reach out to the IT helpdesk and start the discussion on why they disabled this option.

Let me know if you, or your IT helpdesk, need more info :grinning_face: 


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On my side I have this bug regularly: the Edit message option disappears from Teams. There must some instability of Teams at that level at the resolution on my side is just to completely close Teams and to open it again!

Thus nothing to do with the admin setting ;)

The solution is to not only exit teams and restart but to exit and kill it using the little icon in the tray at lower right of Win 10 taskbar. Then restart Teams!.  Simple, right?

The latest MS update has a pencil icon that is now the edit function. @Nuvicom_Fra