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It's working in Chrome/IE/FF but in Edge 38.14393.0.0 on an Azure-joined W10-machine I'm stuck on a page with the following html:

<html><head> <title>Checking your credentials...</title><!-- This page is loaded from login as well as in subsequent renewal iframes --> <!-- TODO (rtuit) Viewport based on device detection -->.............................</head><body><div id="errorContent"> <header> <h1>Oops...</h1> </header> <div id="helpContent"> <h3>Looks like we were unable to authenticate.</h3> <div>Please verify you are using a supported browser with local storage enabled. </div> <div>If viewing in private/incognito mode please try opening a standard tab.</div> </div> <details> <div>Code:&nbsp;<span id="errorCode"></span></div> <div>Error:&nbsp;<span id="errorName"></span></div> </details></div></body></html>

Not running in incognito-mode.


Anyone else having the same issue?


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I'm having a similar issue but not identical in that i am having the issue without running in incognito.  On Edge i get stuck on a blank page which appears caught in an authintication bug.  In ie11 i get an odd behavior of an endless cycle between the following two - "Checking Your Credentials" then to "Teams Loading" .  Each loads for about 1 second then goes back in an endless loop.  Simply can't log in on any of my browsers.





I've experienced exact same issue.


It started to work for me some weeks ago in Edge, also had to manually uninstall the old Teams-client and download the new one.


Hi Niklas, 

Thanks for the answer. did it start working without doing anything, except uninstalling and installing teams client? 


Hmm, hard to tell. I might have cleared some cache and cookies between the different tries.

But no major things like reinstalling Windows or so.


Hmm... Thanks a lot. I'll try


Hi All, sorry to hear the authentication and loading issues you are seeing.  Please files these are bugs through the Feedback icon in the client so that we can triage and fix appropriately.  Thank you!


Our developers are aware of this issue and working on a long term fix.  Currently the workaround is to clear cookies/cache. 



Sorry to necro-post, almost 2 years later.  However, the issue still persists.  Clearing cache and restarting browser does no good.  The problem is intermittent and went away after 15 minutes.  Solution appears to be to run the Windows application for teams and avoid Microsoft's web interface.  Disappointing to see how old this bug is but at least there are other options.


I have the same problem on the webclient (teams.microsoft.com).

Infinite redirects in all Browsers, clearing cache/cookies does not help either.


I had this issue on one private laptop: the login loop checking credentials in every browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). I tried out every suggested fix: removing browser history, cookies, credentials, changing password, even running chkdsk etc.


But the solution was so simple, I couldn't believe it: the laptop's time zone was incorrect, which was difficult to notice, as the clock was showing the "right" time.


So my solution was simply: correct the time zone setting and fix the time.

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