Echo with users on Virtual Desktops

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Hello all,


We are running VMWare Horizon for our virtual desktops and are finding that users running virtual desktops from our office location are fine but once we have two or more remote VDI user in a teams calls we get a bad echo.  I assume the difference is the higher latency of remote VDI users vs local VDI users.


The same users can join zoom meetings without issue.


Any suggestions?



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@gclifford203 I have the exact same issue going on with one of our clients. I have a ticket open with MS and will see where that goes.



On the latest Horizon release with Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams, the audio calls, video calls clarity has increased exponentially.




We identified the headset was causing the issue, the user changed a bluetooth headset instead of a USB one. Here is another thread Echo in MS teams team meeting - Microsoft Community