E911 Get-CsOnlineLisLocation not working

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I believe that get-csonlinelislocation is not working as intended. I enter

get-csonlinelislocation -location Location1 

it is interpreting the location name as having a wildcard at the end and returning everything that starts with Location1 i.e. Location11, Location12, Location13. I don't believe from the documentation that this is how this was intended to work. My current work around is

get-csonlinelislocation -location Location1 | where-object {$_.location -eq Location1}

which seems a bit redundant.

PS for those wondering why I just don't use

get-csonlinelislocation | where-object {$_.location -eq Location1}

get-csonlinelislocation alone only returns the first 1000 records, we have over 1000 locations. So if Location1 is number 1001 it will never find it.

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