dynamic view share screen and camera switch

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We are seeing the issue of unable to switch between shared screen and participant video in the new dynamic view. Is there a way to toggle back and forth from the participant view to the shared screen view.  The new Dynamic View features are great but I can't seem to toggle back and forth anymore.  When we co-facilitate a meeting between members of our team, it was nice to be able to keep an eye on participants while a colleague was sharing their screen.  Am I missing how to do this?  If this capability has gone away, could we get it back?  Thanks!

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@Jin Chen 


Check out this excellent guide by @Giuliano De Luca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_NNsSkXCFk


It shows you all the things you can do in Dynamic view!

Thanks @PeterRising ;) for mentioning my video I hope it will be useful. 

Thank you very much. I went through the YouTube, it is great. However, all the feature and layout are focusing on content instead video. Sometimes we do want to see the person’s video more clear. Before dynamic view, we can switch between content and participant video to see the participant video bigger? I see the Uservoice says Teams is having a backlog feature to pop out content window. Hope it will be realeased soon