Dynamic team membership if an Owner of a different Team

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I lead a Community of Practice/Champions Team for Team Owners across an organization and I'm looking to automate the group's membership.  Is there a way to use dynamic group membership to automatically add users to the Team based on if they are an Owner of a different Team? 

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Hi @simpkinspete ,

Microsoft announced a new feature for Azure AD to build dynamic groups. Perhaps this fits to your needs.

The new feature requires a Azure AD Premium 1 license.

The dynamic groups are created based on user object attributes like city, department and so on. It can be used to manage security groups or M365 groups.

You can find more details here:



If it doesn't fit for your requirements, there is no built-in feature for this scenario. Of course, you can scripts for such jobs and check membership daily for example.

For this, you can use PowerShell scripts or Graph API endpoints: