Dynamic AI Screen Share Issues

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I have been experiencing significant issues with screen sharing within Teams. The AI that dynamically increases/decreases the video quality of screen shares is a detrimental feature. It leads to ~4 frames per second screen sharing until the AI determines that there is enough motion and movement to ramp up the framerate.  I have also noticed that the sent video frame-rate halves during this time, from 30 FPS to 15 fps.

I have tested this with a simple 60 FPS testing video versus a static image. The video stays a consistent 30 FPS throughout, while the static image remains at ~4 FPS and remains that way until enough movement (Mouse or changing to a new window) is detected to increase the framerate.

A 4 FPS video feed might as well be unusable. Is there a way to disable this feature entirely so that we can have smooth screen sharing experiences when we want, rather than when the AI thinks we want it?


It is unacceptable to have such a poor experience on a premium product when Discord, Zoom, and any other number of meeting software can provide a smoother screen sharing experience.

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Hello @DAZachHoiberg  Have you seen this blog? AI-based video and screen sharing quality optimization in Microsoft Teams meetings - Microsoft Tech ...


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