During a teams meeting - adding attachments in chat is not always available

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While in a teams meeting, when I want to attach a file in chat, the paperclip to attach is not always available.  These are usually meetings that I organize and I never make any changes to permissions, etc.  Sometimes I can, most of the time, I cannot.  I just hosted a meeting and could not add an attachment, however others could.  I then started a second meeting right after that one and again, I was the host and magically, the paperclip to add an attachment was there for me.  What is going on?  I need to be able to add documents to all of my meetings, consistently.  Thank you.

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@SWP415 do you have external people in your meetings?


There are some limitations when chatting with external people, including not being able to share files.


See the section in this article “More things to know”



@HelloBenTeoh You are likely correct, however I find it odd that some people on the call, from my company and outsiders, could provide attachments in the chat and I, as the organizer of the meeting, could not.  And, with other meetings that I set up, I can (but these meetings are likely without externals).  The meetings that I have not been able to post attachments with have all included externals. I will check with my IT group and see if they can change my security settings or something.