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Hi All,

Has anyone else experiencing the similar behavior of duplicate wiki tabs showing within new team?

Duplicate Wiki.png

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Hmm, no haven’t seen this! Can you remove them? Does it happen in every new team?
Hi @Badal Ratra

I have experienced it once or twice. You should be able to remove the duplicate.

Best, Chris

@Badal Ratra I ran into this yesterday when I created a new channel.  It automatically created two wiki tabs.  I started setting up the first wiki tab and then decided the other one was unnecessary so I removed it.  Unfortunately when I removed it, it also removed all the data I had in the wiki that I had already set up.  I had to recreated all the content of that wiki again.  Luckily I hadn't gone very far and it was just a Proof of Concept that I was testing out.  Beware, don't go too far before getting rid of the second wiki, and I would suggest not using it at all, instead, delete it and create a new one, if you need a second wiki.

@LeefordCamaro2SS Sounds like a bug that you can report through your MS Support contacts.

@Badal Ratra  Yes, it recently started.  It displays on the General tab for some Staff Teams but not others.

@Badal Ratra It happens when a team is cloned. The duplicate Wiki tab is created on each channel.