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So we are currently testing teams at my company and we discovered that there is nothing to stop Teams multiple teams being made of the same name. My question is what are the repercussions of this happening. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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There is currently no control of having duplicate team/group names. these are just the display names but the URL and groupmail etc gets another name behind the scenes..often The name with a number after
You can manually or programmatically do checks on existing groupnames though


That's one of the reasons why some organizations opt to centrally manage team/group creation - giving the end users the freedom to self-provision teams/groups is great in theory, but can easily get out of hand. Sadly, naming policies do not help with this particular scenario, although I see no reason why an option for this cannot be added as part of the policy configuration. Put it on UserVoice :)

Besides being a bit of pain when Teams have duplicate names there isn't anything bad that should happen. We as an organization in multiple regions did have to turn off the ability for any user to create a team and institute a naming convention to help mitigate this issue though. 


Also note that if two (or more) Teams have the same name the associated O365 Group email and associated SharePoint Team site will be created with random numbers at the end.


So for example if you have a Team called Accounting and a second group in a different region creates a Team called Accounting that second O365 group email will be called something like and the SharePoint site will be

Yep! This is the case

@Nick_Boyd if you interested in using a self-service process for your Teams provisioning, we developed a solution using a combination of PowerApps, PowerShell script, PowerAutomate and SharePoint. It solves the duplicate display name issue and retains the possibility of applying a naming convention and blocked words. Here is the link to the article:

where have been all my life? this is a marvellous script , thanks! @Kdships