Duplicate files created with computer name appended


Hi All,


I've had an interesting issue come in from user land and was wondering if anyone has seen it before.


Users have a xlsm file they are editing within Teams, for some reason it's saving with the computers name after the original, so now they have 3 versions of the file;

  • file original name.xlsm
  • file original name-computername.xlsm
  • file original name-anotherPC.xlsm

I've found references to this happening with OneDrive sync issues, but not on Teams.


Any ideas?

- Rob

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Files stored within Teams are generally stored in SharePoint or in OneDrive. So it could still be a OneDrive ‘sync issue’ under the hood. Can you check if the file that’s being edited resides in the user’s Teams Chat Files folder on their OneDrive?
When I read the similarities with the OneDrive issue, that was the first thing i checked - they are definitely in a Team, not a OneDrive (I checked the associated site)
Okay. So we can rule that out. Leaves the only other thing I can think of, namely has the underlying SharePoint folder been synced with OneDrive. So did you also look for the file if it exists anywhere else in the user’s OneDrive? Can’t really think of anything else anymore :(
It's what happens when OneDrive is unable to resolve differences in files.
One staff member is apparently using OneDrive to sync the team library, and I'm guessing that at least 1 other is too ... it only took asking them a few times to get the right answer