Duplicate a Tab from a Channel to a Tab in a Chat

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We have a tab in a Teams Channel that gets updated every week. I was hoping to duplicate it to a tab in a chat (where the update notification is being posted) for a group of staff and make it easier for the group members to access the tab without accessing it through the Teams Channel. I tried to add a tab in the chat as a Website by copying the link from the Channel's tab, however, I get the message of "This site won't load in our desktop app". I click the "Go to the site" button to access the tab in the Channel and it opens a new browser every time I click the button. Does MS Teams support such function or is there a solution to have a tab available for access and update in both Chat and Teams Channel?


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Not sure If I'm following you here: What do you mean by having a tab that gets updated every week?

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Sorry for the confusion. I meant the content (an excel file) in the tab gets updated weekly that the staff will have to access the tab frequently. I was hoping the staff can access the tab (excel file) in both Teams Channel and Chat