Duplicate a list from one team to another

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I have created a list in a team and would like to copy it and use it in another team. Is this possible without having to manually recreate everything ? 

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I'm wanting to do the same thing, and found some not-too-good solutions.


The easiest would be to re-enable the old "Save List As Template" feature via PowerShell, but that's not really best practice, and you'd need to do it on every site you wanted to copy the list to.


Another way, which I haven't tried, would be to export the list structure using PnPs Provisioning Template commands, then import them using the import set of commands, you'd then need to use Power Automate to copy the content from one to the other.


There are 2rd party tools that can do this too, if you don't mind forking out $$$.


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You can do this in two ways; by directly copying existing lists or using downloaded Excel

Add a Tab -> Select Lists -> Save





From the List tab -> Create a list -> From Existing list




then using dropdown of other teams and Lists available in the organization .



That imports the settings but not the content, import from excel imports the content but not the settings. Is there a way to get all (i.e. the complete list including display settings, conditional formatting and the content??) can't really imagine such an obvious feature not being there?

I have the same issue@hanszel