Drag and Drop images dramatically different than C/P (Mac Client)

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We have noticed that dragging an image (using the native Mac image type) results in dramatically slower transfers than Copying and Pasting the same issues along with the drawbacks of not being able to delete the image before sending and granting no preview until is sent.  In a room full of designers this results in what they are calling "A Revolt" against the product. Here's my results:


SCENARIO 1: Dragged image

Taking a screenshot with the native mac tools results in a .png of aprox 1 meg.  Dragging this into the field takes ~10 seconds to upload (Takes about the same for higher meg files).  During the upload I'm given an X to stop the transfer, but this is unreliable in practice. Once the file is uploaded there is no way to change or delte the image if I've sent the wrong thing.  Pressing the normal Return key to send the message doesn't work at this point, you must physically hit the send button.


SCENARIO 2: Pasted image.  

Taking a screenshot with the native mac tools, but choosing to just copy the data to the clipboard capture instead of creating a file.  Pasting into the teams chat results in an instant paste with thumbnail, the ability to delete the file if I change my mind, and retains the ability to press the normal return key to send the message.


You get the same results in Dragging in Jpgs, no preview until sending and can't remove the image before sending but copying the image and then pasting it into the chat window results in a much better experience. Why are the 2 workflows so different?  Is there a planned fix for Scenario 1?

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