Download/ Print feedback and rubrics on Assignments in TEAMS

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I have been using TEAMS for students to submit work for GCSE assessment and grading. I have set up and used a rubric and have also provided feedback and marks.

How do I donwload and print the feedback and marking (including rubric), as I need to provide this as evidence against their final GCSE Grade.

I have worked out how to print the student work, but none of my feedback or marks appear on this, despite having 'returned' the work to the students. 

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It has been a year since this comment and years since I first read similar iterations of the same problem. This needs to be addressed as, for many teachers, evidence of criterion marks is required at all levels. I am still pushing my schools to move further into integrating TEAMS and Office as a complete working package; however, this needs to be seen to.

A workaround I have done is to individually screenshot each criterion (using sniping tools), and save it to a profile folder for each student. This is time-consuming but the only way I have found of preserving the exact criteria marks selected from the rubric rather than simply a points score (which in Australia are considered invalid indicators of student work).