Download meeting attendance reports of the last month in bulk

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Hi, every month I have to make a very detailed report (excel) of all the teams meetings of our company, with link to the meeting, user attendance reports, organizer of the meeting and other infos.

I'm asking if there's a way to download in bulk ALL THE ATTENDANCE REPORTS of the last month in powershell, so i can make this job faster. I'll merge and format the sheet later with macros.

If that's not possible in bulk, I could even use a "download single attendance meeting report". 

I need all the csv files that I get with the button circled in red, for all the company meetings of the last month via powershell. 

Any and all advice is welcome, thanks!



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You can download them via the Graph API or the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module, but in order to do that you need the actual meeting ID, or at least the join URL. Read here for more details: