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Hello, after a Microsoft Teams meeting, we want to download the audio recording only, not the video recording. The video recordings are too large in file size. Your competitor Zoom provides the option to download the video recording or audio only.
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Hello @annasidat  There is not currently any way to download just the audio in a recorded Teams meeting.  There was a similar post in the community that offers extensive explanation:

@ThereseSolimenoThe link you provided has nothing to do with the request made by @annasidat I too  have the same request.  To download/extract the audio only from a recorded Teams meeting to listen to later. 

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As mentioned it’s not possible but please request this as a uservoice here:

Post it here for upvoting!
It’s of course rather easy to separate the audio after download, but requires the larger download and the time :\


Hello @adam deltinger 


In regard to recordings and that it's possible to separate the audio after the meeting...  I'm new to Teams (coming from using Zoom mostly) but once the recording is first created is it pretty obvious how to then create an audio-only file? In Zoom it just created it automatically. I've been searching and googling and haven't been very successful. Thank you very much for time.

Agreed this would be a helpful feature, especially for longer meetings.
I don't understand how this is still not a feature. Surely they would save a ton of money for organizations who don't need to waste all space and time and bandwidth dealing with video and audio. It's a win-win Microsoft... you already let us record audio and video and screen sharing, why not audio only?
You can't expect end-user non-technical professionals from other disciplines like healthcare or education or sales to be able to figure this out let alone waste their time when it could be easily automated. Thanks for being our advocate and passing this issue upstream as important to us.