Download All Files From My All Teams in Microsoft Teams

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I would like to download/export all my files in my different channels/teams in Microsoft Teams, but I can't find any approach. Could you give me a suggestion about it? Thanks.

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There is not a direct way to achieve this so you will need to find a workaround. Some ideas here:
(1) Sync. your Teams files using OneDrive For Business Sync Client.
(2) Create a PowerShell Script / .NET Program that recursively connects to your Teams and download all the files per Team.

Teams stores it's files in SharePoint, each Team has a SharePoint site, each channel is a folder. You can get there by pressing Open In SharePoint in the Teams files tab.

Once you are in SharePoint you can select multiple files and folders, then download them as one big .zip file.

@Juan Carlos González Martín: Do you have script or web page link to download file from team. Looking for a solution.

@Juan Carlos González Martín I want to download all the information in the Team, such as the posts, files, and wiki. Does the second approach, writing a .NET program, able to do this conveniently? I want to know does the Team provide good APIs to query my data:flushed:.

Is there any method to automate the file download process in ms teams

I can do this for all my Teams except one - the one I really want more than the others, of course!
I am an owner just as in all the others, but this team does not show at all in my SharePoint files, while the others do.

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where is this button ''open in SharePoint'' ?  I don't see it.

@JohnFonesInBridgwater You should be able to navigate to the channel in Teams and choose the Files tab. On the Files tab menu, there is a Sync button, which will download copies of all of the files on the channel to your local computer.

In File Explorer, under Desktop, there will be a folder named "OneDrive -" and the name of your organization. You should be able to find your files there.


You can edit the local copies on your device and the changes will be sync'd back into Teams(SharePoint)

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Is there any way to download the chats from the teams to local machine??