Dont see any Contact in Teams

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Hi all,


We have 365 business. i added some test contacts in admin center: 


Users -> Contacts 


but when iam logged in in teams there is no contacts for any user. how can i do that all users have the same contacts. and i cant search for the contact too. there is nothing. 


hope u can help me 

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There is no correlation to the contacts you add in the admin center
Former internal Skype for business contacts were migrated some time ago but unless from this you have to manually add the contacts in teams! There are afaik currently no option to automatically add contacts for all teams users

Adam is correct. You cannot add contacts to your contact lists for Teams. You must click new chat button and start typing to get returns from your directory. However this will only return User accounts not Mail contacts. Adding any federated contacts to your contact lists are still not supported. They will be importing existing ones in the near future, but until they you must manually type in federated contacts to chat with them. You may pin them in your recents list.




I feel if the display setting also make different please change the display setting and check it.

If your speeddial, contacts or call history disappears there's a uservoice for this so, bote please if it's affecting you: