Don’t receive Teams Voicemail in Outlook

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We have just setup hybrid Exchange ( Exchange 2016) and all users are still on prem.  OAuth is set up and working for calendar access. Voicemail messages from Teams internal calls are not delivered to Outlook.  We have not utilized Exchange Unified messaging in the past.  Is there something needed to set up Teams Voice Mail delivery to Outlook? (I understand that the messages are not available in Teams until the mailbox is pushed to the cloud)



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@LJJohns925 The messages come as SMTP through EOP, do you have connectors set upto allow EOP to deliver into your 2016 environment?



@Steven Collier I don't think EOP is setup, but I will check.  Just to clarify, the users are not setup for Inbound/Outbound calling via Teams, but Internal Teams calling only.


@LJJohns925 I don't think it matters if you are using enterprise voice or not, VMs are delivered from Teams to EOP so I expect you would see them getting stuck there if you don't have a route to your users mailboxes. 

@LJJohns925 Have you checked that voicemail has not been disabled in the Teams voicemail polices. Use can use the  Get-CsOnlineVoicemailPolicy cmdlet to view your current settings

@Steven Collier  I don't intend to use Exchange Online Protection, as we have a current subscription to Mimecast and only a few of our users will be in the cloud (for the time being).  I don't see it as a pre-requisite for Teams, but I can't find a way to configure voice mail either.


I will keep looking for a resolution.

Lisa J

@Deleted  I didn't have any luck with that cmdlet in either Exchange Powershell, or Teams Powershell.  Regardless, I don't think that voicemail is disabled.  When mailboxes are online, voicemail is allowed.