Don't have access to my Teams own organization even as the IT administrator.

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When I log into Teams, I receive a message saying that "You don't have access to the ... org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your admin for more details". I am the owner and sole user of this organization.

I have contacted Microsoft Support and they helped me to access my Teams account via web on private/incognito mode, but haven't been successful otherwise and thus, advised to post my issue here.


Microsoft Support Reference Number: 1030183930

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Hi, the community isn't associated with the official support so you don't have to add any ticket number. Would you mind telling what subscription you use? Or is it a Teams free org?

Could be a license issue if using a business subscription, meaning you might have to enable/activate Teams for user and/or tenant level.

Try creating a new Windows profile on your computer and start Teams desktop app there. Using this procedure will shed some light on the issue (no cached credentials etc.)



Thanks, but I can't do what you ask me to.
Microsoft has decided that I need Windows Hello to authenticate when signing in and and I can't go further than that.
I have managed to log into Teams Web (normal mode, not incognito) but still can't log into Teams App even after uninstalling and deleting all cache.

Now, the reason I posted the Issue number here is because I contacted Microsoft support and after directly fiddling with my computer with no solution, they sent me here. I was hoping to get a better response.

Even worse... Now I have had to register myself on this community again! (you can notice my name has now a 1 at the end). This is quite infuriating.


TLDR: I can't log in to Teams from a new user thanks to Microsoft Hello. I can log into Teams through the Web, but not the App. I have reinstalled and clear the cache many times and the issue persists.

Understand the frustration, but why don't you enter your W10 settings and turn off Windows Hello as a method for the time being. At least until you have sorted out your Teams app issues.