Domain user add with a link to a domain tenant

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So i have one user who has for over a year has used his domain email (, who was not currently added to our domain tenant (  He is insistent that all he needs is a link to join our tenant.  Does not want me to create a user in the admin console. Our tenant is set up through our Power Bi account - we do not currently have office O365 yet.

Is this possible?  Everything i have read suggests otherwise.  I know i can be wrong with this.  I think he will only be added as a guest with limited functionality. (No chat, or recording teams meeting) Both things are done regularly. 

Someone here had used their personal Microsoft account an created a teams channel - with everyone in the domain using their domain address - i have people who want to bring that channel over to the domain ( Teams (We have exploratory - free account) - If i create a user account with their current password they are using now will that allow the channel to "come over" to the Teams.


Thanks in advance - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Power BI supports sharing anonymously so not sure if that’s specifically what the user is saying. If enabled one can share a link to a dashboard directly. Which can be opened by anyone.

As for the other scenarios, they end up with a Guest user created in your tenant. This Guest user will be signing in using their Microsoft account or their Work/School account from the business they’re with. Nonetheless the account should show up inside the tenant. Have you had a look inside Azure AD’s User blade?