Does Teams Sync with Outlook Contacts?

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Should the Teams clients pull in automatically the contacts from a users Outlook desktop app?



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I have the same issue on one of my customer, the outlook contacts are not sync in Taems contacts.

To solve this issue, I have used the PS cli "Invoke-CsUcsRollback".


Invoke-CsUcsRollback (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs



Hi @Pn1995 

Steps are simple:
1- Go to outlook.

2- Click on Address book in the Home bar.
3- Click the first contact.
4- Click on the Shift + down arrow to select all contacts.
5- Click on File.

6- Select Add to contacts.
7- Confirm the steps above by clicking on outlook contacts to make sure if all contacts were synced. 
8- Open Teams and see the Calls/ Contacts list (it might take some time to sync).
DONE, hope this solves your issue. 

Only if:

1) The "FileAs" field is not blank
2) The Business Phone field is not blank



We continue to have issues with Teams not synchronizing with our contact in Outlook.  We have been told by Microsoft support that this function is not available.  This is a major shortcoming in the coordination between Office 365 applications and we need to understand when Microsoft is going to correct this lack of connectivity.  We were never told that this would be the situation when being sold the phone system and in fact we were told the opposite.  This condition is worse on the mobile application.  Would appreciate a response from Microsoft with some understanding of getting this issue on the roadmap.

I did not migrate from Skype for Business to Teams. My contacts finally began synching when I made sure the BusinessTelephone field is populated AND the FileAs field is populated... Something that doesn't happen when data is synced via integrated apps or via import.

I worked with Microsoft support for 100 days on this... They had no way to replicate my issue and were surprised by my solution... But my 7800 external contacts are now in Teams.
All of my contacts have both business phone numbers and FileAs information completed. They do not synch.
Then I would move them all to another contact folder wait 24 hours and move them back.

Microsoft really needs to fix this.

I ended up using a third party phone solution

@Carl_Aegis  I just tested this by adding contact in Outlook and it straight away showed up in 'Teams' contact list. however, the other way around is not possible. I added a contact in Teams and it did not show up in my outlook contacts. This actually makes sense as per the MS Teams architecture.

@SUNIAZ  Could you share the 3rd party app used to sync contacts between Outlook and Teams?  We are moving to Teams, and I cant believe that Teams does not have a way of getting contacts from Outlook.   Thanks very much!



I'm confused.  The question is about adding contacts from outlook to teams.  when in outlook, home tab and address book with all the contacts highlighted the option to ADD Contacts is not available.  What am i missing? 


For all who will listen, after a 6 month long case with 365 support I finally have a fix to the Outlook/Teams contact sync problem!!! you have to put Teams into 'Public Preview' mode.


First follow link below to make the option available on the teams app:


Wait a bit for the policy to propagate to the clients then turn the setting on in the app 




Close teams and reopen. Then BOOM!! All contacts will start to sync

@pbarnett Thanks, I followed the steps, but my contacts still aren't syncing; how long does it take to start syncing contacts in the teams app?

@Roberto_Rivera It was pretty instant for me. After I closed down the teams app and reopened you could see the contacts start populating in.

Thank you! This was driving us crazy and that worked perfectly

@bcluxtondoes teams sync with outlook contacts that are in subfolder?

From what we see, when the mailbox is still on-prem, the local contacts sync doesn't work. After I move the mailbox to the cloud it works. Does someone know that's the only way or do we have some workaround about it?
Cheers, Dima

@Carl_Aegis - just want to note that after some time and effort my TEAMS account is now properly synchronized with Outlook contacts.  To achieve this I needed to turn on "PUBLIC PREVIEW" that is accessed by clicking the three ellipsis beside your login image or initials (upper right corner), selecting ABOUT/PUBLIC PREVIEW.