Does Teams support multiple phone calls at once for an Admin/Receptionist?

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We currently use Skype for Business as our phone solution.  Our two Admins have Polycom CX600 desk phones that are not compatible with Teams so we need to look into replacing them.  The admins don't do anything fancy with their phones.  They just take calls in and transfer them to whoever it should go to.  They do have the ability to have multiple lines at once so they can put one person on hold while talking to a different person and that sort of thing.  They also might look at the previous caller list on the phone if they need to call someone back or something like that.


They want to have a physical desk phone so if someone needs to man the desk during a meeting or lunch break, they can just pick up the handset to answer the phone.  Can anyone recommend a phone that would work for them?


I've been looking through the phones on Microsoft's site but haven't seen any that mention multiple lines/callers working at the same time so I'm not sure if that's a special feature or if that just works natively within Teams and therefor would work on any of the phones.  If anyone can help me figure this out, that'd be great!



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Hi @Mike Boehm, in Teams this is the default, "make multiple calls at the same time in Teams"


E.g. on the Audiocodes page for the C450HD Teams phone it says "8 line, 8 concurrent calls per line"

I didn't find any specs on the Yealink page, regarding x concurrent calls per line...

I think I want to attempt to clarify the question. Can a user handle more than 2 calls, 3 or more, or is a user limited to 2 lines? I'm reasonable certain if you need to handle 3 or more calls and you to switch to using Call Queues.

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Did you ever get an answer on this?