Does someone need to be in a TEAM

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Hello everyone

Is it an absolute requirement that for someone to see a TEsAM and access any files in the team that they must be a member of it or can someone be invited to a meeting via TEAMs calendar without being a member of a team. 

Usually I create the team, add all the people (internal and external) then create the invitation so everyone can see the actual TEAM. Is this the only way for this to happen?




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In order to access channel conversations and access the group calendar (internal users) and planner etc, they need to be part of the group hence part of the team! Files can be shared and given permissions to through SharePoint so no need to be part of the team! Other workloads might be able to share outisde if the group as well, and some don’t!
Regarding meetings you can invite people outside of a team to a channel meeting, although they won’t be able to access the chat since it’s a channel conversation really

Thank you Adam, much appreciated.