does meeting transcription work on virtual desktop?

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We have a user who reported they no longer have the option to start meeting transcription on their VMWare virtual desktop (Teams optimized for VMWare).  I am able to reproduce this on my VD.  Admittedly, I never use it in a virtual environment, but should it work / did it work and then stop working?  Also, I could swear the option to record / transcribe was recently linked together, but now I'm seeing it as two separate options again.  


Are there live changes being made to transcription?

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Hi, don't use it either. But know live captions are not there yet being scheduled as followed..

Support of live captions for Teams on VDI for Citrix November CY2021
Support of Live Caption for Teams on VDI for VMware February CY2022
Support of Live Caption for Teams on VDI for Azure Virtual Desktop February CY2022

And you're right, it was like if you had "allowtranscription" and "allowcloudrecording" enabled the transcriptions started automatically (such a bad idea). There was even a post about it in MC but now it's gone. Kind of feel there's a bit too much being released too fast sometimes.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks for the response. I'm referring to transcription, not live captions. Live captions is working in our virtual environment. The option to transcribe the meeting does not exist like it does on our physical devices.







Now you're making me confused, how can you have live captions in VDI already? In TAP? What I meant is that live captions was added some time before transcriptions (non-VDI) so from that point of view it makes sense if it's not available in VDI right now.
Good question. This account is not in TAP.

I noticed I was on a pretty old version of Teams, so I updated - and now the captions option is gone. All that is left is recording. So as it stands, on the latest version of Teams, we can do recording + transcription + live captions on physical, but only recording on virtual.

You're right, this is confusing, and lack of documentation doesn't help our cause.
On the other hand it now seems as it working as it should for the time being though ;)
Right - Do you happen to have a link stating that transcription shouldn't work in a virtual environment?
You better go the official way, but as mentioned. As live captions aren't there yet...
Was transcribing for VDIs or VMs become an option yet? I still do not see it as an option but on physical machines....

@David Phillips I still have the same issue.  We are running Teams 1.6 so I’m sure if there was a switch I missed in the Citrix platform as it works on Azure Virtual Desktop. Did you ever get and answer for this?