Does link to join meeting ever change?

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I need to copy the 'join meeting' URL generated by Teams and paste into emails. I am using the actual long form URL. The reason is because I am not able to include all attendees in the actual Teams meeting attendee list - these people who are not included are getting the email with the URL in it instead (manually created by me). Therefore if any changes are made to the meeting, these people will not receive the automatic Teams update email because they are not on the attendee list. 


My question is: Do these links change for any reason? If I send these links out then invite more people to the meeting, change the date and time of meeting, change the title of the meeting, or anything else, will the people who have received the link in the email still be able to join the meeting with the same link? 


My understanding is that the only thing that can change the link is that it expires - 60 days after being made/60 days after link is used and meeting is joined. 


Can someone confirm please? 


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Hi @EllenH458 


In case you change the timing and add additional users the meeting url remain the same. Rather than doing things manual why not create a distribution group or Microsoft Teams with all the users added once should fix the problem for you.


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@Satish2805 - Hello, I've found that for Microsoft Teams meetings made using the Bookings app, if I create a meeting, and later update anything at all (whether it's wording or to amend recipients), and send an update, the hyperlink to the meeting changes.  This is particularly annoying as if anyone joins via the original invite (from outside the organisation), they end up waiting in a lobby which I can't access.  They have no idea they're effectively waiting for a meeting they'll never join.


I've not yet found a solution to this, but if there is one, I'd really appreciate hearing what it is.



Additionally, I have seen that if I create an original invite in outlook and make it a teams meeting, it inserts a "Join" link.
I may later on change the invite, forward it, ...
Now I replaced the "Join" link with a Teams link that was generated somewhere else.

Somehow the invitation is still associated with the original link because if I now join directly from the calendar by right-clicking and selecting "Join Teams Meeting" I end up in a different meeting than if I use the "changed" link that I copied into the meeting.

This is a problem if there is both a visible link in an e-mail (which I can change) as well as some other hidden association that I somehow can NOT change.