does interactive whiteboard on Android MTR with touch-enabled front of room display work?

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Subject line says it all.  I can find a bunch of info about this for MTR for Windows, but not MTR for Android.  Is this a documented feature, and does it work as expected?  We don't currently have a display to test with, so would like to know more before purchasing a display for testing.  Thanks!

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Yes it works on MTR Android if you have a touch-enabled front of room display. You can annotate and draw using MTR on Android.

@Brennon Kwok does it support one touch display together with another front display? dual screen mode, thanks.

It does, however we are seeing some strange issues if the second touchscreen has a stylus. We have only tested one model so far, a Dell 55" touchscreen. If you use your finger to ink, it works. If you use the stylus to ink, it acts as a mouse on the first screen. We haven't found a setting yet to fix this.


I have two logitech rallybar rooms with sharp 65" touch displays plus the tap controller.

For the life of me I cannot get the touch screen to work along with the tap controller.  

I can unplug the usb from the 65" and hear a disconnect sound from the rally bar and plug it back in. however no touch is recognized.


I've seen references to "Enable Touch Display" as a policy or setting but no documentation as to where that setting or policy exists.  Would love to find out.