Does editing a chat group name affect all participants?

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I have a number of chats open with various combinations of team members. Since Teams insists on using full names and not "goes by" names, I've edited the chat names for myself to make it easier to locate the appropriate chat on the fly. For example, a co-worker named Albert J. Swingleton goes by Jack, so I changed the name of the chat with Jack and Jill to "Jack & Jill" instead of the default "Albert and Jillian". 


This is great for me, but if it changed the way that the chat is named for Jack and Jill too, that's a major issue, because now they can't tell by looking at it that I'm a participant. 

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Hi @tbrophy  You might try  changing the name to something more topical.  Example: if the purpose of the discussion is about planning a certain project, call it "Project X planning" Instead of "Jack, Jill and Troy, "


Yes, the name change for a private chat affect all participants. For me this is the way it should work, but I completely understand your concerns that for some folks that name change can be confusing