Does anyone know when Microsoft is going to update the Microsoft Teams Meeting Quick Start Guide?

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I stumbled upon this resource today and it could definitely be a timesaver for creating some in-house end-user documentation around Teams Meetings...especially if I chop it up into separate pdfs per topic.  However, I notice it is almost a year old.  Yikes!  Does anyone have any idea as to when they will be updating this?  Thanks

Microsoft Teams Meetings Quick Start Guide

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Something not easy to find a proper answer. I would recommend you to take a look at the Microsoft Teams Adoption resources provided by Microsoft

Hi, @Hughes818.
Microsoft will be giving out updates to Teams, with just new features. Sometimes, they might give a slight UI change, due to the arrival of the next version - of Windows, 11. I've installed Windows 11 on my other computer, lying around at home, and I see there are now four editions for Teams (which could be an update). They are business, home, personal and learning. From all these years of Teaming, I have used the learning edition for my college work, so this is an update you can get by updating Windows, or downloading those versions from the site. You have a lot of new features, too. And, if you're an 'inquirer' you could ask or suggest a feature from Microsoft. I'm one of those people who asked the raise hand option, in a differnent way.. So, yeah. You can await for new, amazing updates, friend!


Hopefully they will be releasing newer updates by the starting of February or April, I hope. :happyface: