Document sharing between SharePoint and Teams

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Hi everyone!
I’ve been searching forums for an answer but no luck so far, so hoping someone here can help me!

I have some documents on a SharePoint site that is accessible to my whole business. I want to be able to share individual documents with different teams via Teams (on a particular channel).
I want to share the doc rather than a link so that it’s available via the Teams site, but is there a way to link the SharePoint version and the Teams version so that when the doc is updated on SharePoint, it’s also updated in the Teams version?
It’s seems when I ‘copy’ the doc between the two sites, it’s does just that, adds a ‘copy’ rather than linking the docs.

Is this possible?

Or might there be a way to automate it to replace the Team version every time the SharePoint version is updated?

I want to avoid people having an old version!

Thanks, LA
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You could just add that doc library as a tab in Teams? (SharePoint library Tab)
Thank you, I think that’s a really good suggestion and a possibility for this but it looks like it links to the whole document library rather than a specific folder or document- any idea if it’s possible to drill down to a doc or folder? (I know from experience that if people need to hunt for something they’ll give up!)

Would be great if there was a way for the documents to appear in the files tab and still be linked to SharePoint - anyone know if that’s possible?

Thanks, LA
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With this tab, you can only link a library unfortunately, but you can use the website tab to link to a folder within the library.

Another way is to just share a folder to people and they can work from there! You can also build a link list with the Lists tab in teams! That way you can name the documents and have the direct links ( if they have access ) or the sharing links

You’re a star, thank you! (Had no idea about Teams lists - super helpful!)

Thanks again, LA