Document section references while editing in Teams? And why isn't my doc synching changes?

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Hi folks,


Q1: I'm editing a Word document within Teams, and I want to insert a reference to another section within the document - so the number changes if I add other sections, for example. This is basic word processor functionality, but it doesn't seem to be possible when editing in Teams.


Q2: I've made quite a lot of changes to the document in Teams. The document is synched to a local folder. None of the changes I've made have appeared in my local copy of the document.


Can anybody advise? Because my initial thought is that this is several light years short of being fit for purpose right now.

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This isn't an issue with Teams itself, the editing interface is provided by Word Online.  Unfortunately due to what is possible in the browser some features that are available in Word desktop client are not available or do not work in the online version. Our advice to users is to use the desktop client when making a lot of edits and just use the browser for minor edits, and if they come across something that doesn't work or render correctly use the desktop client. 


Check there is a green tick by the file in the local copy, if there is no error the most common issue I see with this is users editing another copy of the file and not the original. 

No it seems there is an add in packages that fix the functionality of cross references @Andrew Hodges