Do Teams meetings appear in the Teams admin events audit log?

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Also, a Teams meeting can't be traceable by anyone if it doesn't appear within the chat section of a work Teams account?

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The audit log is for other 'events' in Teams. But all meeting info can be seen using TAC reports (Teams Admin Center) or the compliance tools, such as Content search/eDiscovery, regardless of a chat has started or not.
Thanks Christian. Even if the meeting was created by someone outside of the work organization?

@blue359735 Hello, yes. But with limited info as the other org. is hosting the meeting.


This is just a glimpse of a meeting I had with Frodo who is in an entirely different org. than my MVP account. No federation or guest access involved. Simply a meeting scheduled by Frodo as an external user.




@ChristianJBergstrom Is the title of the meeting listed?

@blue359735 Hello, sorry I didn't see your reply. Yes. The meeting subject is visible if using Content search even if the organizer is external.

@ChristianJBergstrom Is there a way to get a report of how many Teams calls in my tenant had external participants vs. internal only?