Do not get joined teams via the Graph API

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I am working on a POC for Microsoft Teams collaboration with our software. Basically we want to do the following:

1. Get the Teams

2. Create Chat Thread
3. Read data from Chat Tread
4. Post messages to a Chat Thread

5. Archieve/Unarchieve Chat Thread (I know this is not available at the moment)


Instead of using my work account and Azure AD, I have created an Azure AD tenant for my personal microsoft account, registered my web app there and enabled proper permissions to access the Graph APIs for Teams. I am able to go through the authentication flow, sign in with my account and get the token with required permissions. 


Next step is to get the list of teams that I have joined. So I sign in to my microsoft teams account, and I see a couple of teams that I am part of. However, when I call GET "" API with the token that I have, the API call succeeds but the data is empty, i.e. I don't get any team ids that I am a part of. 


Let me know if I am missing any step or there is a known issue that I am unaware of. 



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