Display users organization in meeting

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With regards to meetings, is there a way that Microsoft Teams can be configured so that it shows to show the organization of the attendees instead of the default External that is displayed next to their name? This is particularly problematic in large meetings with multiple attendees from multiple organizations.


If this is not currently possible, could this be added as a feature request.




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As someone who regularly attends "external" meetings, this is one of my biggest gripes with Teams. Most of the time I've no idea who the person is, and Teams does nothing to help in this regard. The contact card only shows a name, not even an address, if it shows anything at all (how many more years we have to deal with "unknown user"). So yeah, best put this on the feedback portal: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/ad198462-1c1c-ec11-b6e7-0022481f8472

@Vasil Michev 

I have now submitted feedback to the forum via the link you provided. I also suggested that they consider a way of displaying job titles too.

Thanks for your help, Vasil.