Display "unread" message count on badge in Teams tab application

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We are giving chat options in Teams through a custom Tab app.


Whenever i get new message in my Tab app, I would like to display the number of unread messages as a badge on the icon of the Tab app, just like the unread count in a Team channel, so the user doens't have to actively check the page, but is informed of new things to do through the badge.


I can't find a method on how to make this possible. Anyone can help me out? Is it even possible for a custom tab app?

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@Suhelbansal Tabs don't have a counter, so it's not possible. You can have a counter if your app is in the left rail, other than that send something to the activity feed.

@StevenC365 how do you do the badge counter in the left rail? We can't seem to find the method. Thank you!