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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Display name not updating for others

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I had a request to change a students display name, I have done so via AD and it has successfully updated so that when they login they see the new display name on teams, however others do not unless they are starting a new conversation, for instance if I search them I see their new name but if users have an existing team or chat with them then they see the old name. I have checked Teams Admin and her name is updated there as well as in Azure AD and 365 Admin


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@Elliott_2801 It will in time, displaynames is something that the client caches for several days. If you clear the cache from your client, or use the web you'll see the new name more quickly.

@Steven Collierthanks for the reply, tracking back I did this on the 25th, is there anything that I can advise the students or teachers of as most of them will be on iPads and at the moment still see the name as the old version, if is guarenteed to change over time then that is no issue as I can go back to them and say that I just wanted to check that there wasnt anything I missed

@Elliott_2801 If you can see the new name showing in one client, for example a web browser with a clean cache, you should be confident that you've done your part, and the rest is up to the clients refreshing. I don't know how long the iPad versions of Teams will maintain it's cache before updating, you can force it under Settings, Data and Storage, Clear app data.