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How do you change the displayname of a person in MS Teams?

Some of our colleagues have multiple emailadres/ accounts all of them are in the same domain, if we search on the name we cannot see the difference between one of the other. we would like to get the recognition in ther name like Chris Jonkers (companyname) so when we search we see which one we are inviting.


i have tried to change ther displayname on our Local AD and in the AAD but nothing happens, even if we wait a while. 


In the attachment you see 2 total different name but it is actual the same person only working for another company.


i've edit the name on multiple places (AAD, On-premise AD and even in de MS Teams Admin center).

but the names wont change when i look them up in Microsoft Teams, so if anyone knows the correct place to fix this.. Please help.


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