Discussion: Office 365 Chat and Call touch points need updated to Teams

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Starting a discussion around Office 365 Skype for Business integration points that need updated to Teams. 


For example:

1. When you hover over a people card in SharePoint Online, and click chat bubble, it wants to open Skype for Business instead of Teams.  "Teams really just needs an option to overtake sip(i think) file type in Windows, to open Teams and message that user in place of Skype" This will fix most chat integration points via Office 365 since most places I see uses that local file type to open Skype for Business. 


2. When you open Outlook client via outlook.office.com and use web mail, Skype for Business connects there in top right corner instead of Primary Chat setting (Teams). Etc.  This would probably take a big of work to integrate the chat here, but disabling for now would be decent. If the presence is seamless where you can't tell your messaging a S4B person or from S4B with this it may be a mute point but TBD. 


3. This isn't office 365 bound, but OS with Teams client not registering to be able to place call's with Teams when you click a phone number since it's not registered as a calling app. 



Anyway, I know there are quiet a few things around the Office 365 platform that have these little links to Skype for Business that need an option to be updated to Teams and just curious about those and if others know of some more to possibly share with Microsoft folks! 


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Hi Christoper, 


this is good feedback did you also post it in Uservoice or via the feedback button on Teams?



Not yet. I wanted to discuss and collect all similar items and make a single larger item for it. Lots of one offs won’t get as much traction. Microsoft has acknowledged a few of them but just wanted to get it together what we can think of and package them up then go from there.
Another touch point needed, Outlook desktop client. The Presence there and "New chat" etc. links need to be updated to Teams to work like Skype for Business used to.

Looks like most of these are going to be addressed once this single piece hits the Windows clients. Since pretty much 1 and 3 are controlled via the windows program association with sip/im/callto links. 

Number 2 has been solved when switching my account to Teams only when you go to Outlook now and click the Skype for Business icon, it has a link to take you right to Teams so it no longer logs you into S4B. Since presence is now on it doesn't matter anyway, but still in the right direction here.