Disconnect Microsoft Teams calendar from Outlook calendar

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I work with a  group of 170 students and recently began using the calendar feature as a way to publish events for the group. Some of these events are applicable to all members. Some events are applicable to some members. I am now seeing all of these events on my outlook calendar, and I am sure our group is too. Is there a way to disconnect this Teams calendar from Outlook calendars?


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Hello @sew110   According to this post on our answers.microsoft.com tech support site, it's not possible to unsync the two calendars: Unsync Teams and Outlook Calendars - Microsoft Community


What you might consider is creating two (or how ever many) separate private channels for each group and creating channel meetings specifically for that group.  The other group of students won't see or have access to the channel meetings. Tip: Meet in a channel - Office Support (microsoft.com)