Disclaimer before starting recording in a teams meeting

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Hello together,


i have an issue, that i want to implement a disclaimer before you start recording a teams meeting.

What i found out, that this should be possible to set this up in the microsoft stream admin center.

There i set up a company policy with a link to my company policy in addition that a requirement of the company policy is neccessary.


Now i tried to start recording a teams meeting, but no disclaimer appeared.


I found an article here https://ucmart.uk/2020/02/14/teams-meetings-recordings-accept-company-policy-before-recording/ where it is configured like i did.


Does anyone know, how to configure it, that the disclaimer appears before you start a recording?

Kind regards




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Hello, the reason this isn't working is that Teams recordings are not being uploaded to Stream anymore but instead OneDrive or SharePoint (standard meeting and channel meeting). Now you have the default policy disclaimer when starting a recording in Teams, but you can at least add some legal URLs by customizing the meeting invite in Teams admin center, and you can perhaps use Azure AD "Terms of use" feature with conditional access on the storage location if that's applicable. But the latter would be for meeting recordings already recorded.


Thank you for the reply.


I almost forgot the change with the location of the meeting recordings.

That makes sense why it did not work with the stream admin center settings.


I already tried, what is possible with terms of use in azure ad, but you can not use it for meeting recordings.

It is only useful for a disclaimer for guest user in our context.


So we have to live, that we only can put a disclaimer in the meeting invites, like you already said.


Kind regards