disabling side chat as an educator

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As an educator and a parent, the feature to be able to have a side chat with other Teams Members needs to be able to be disabled.  I have disabled the notifications for my own children, so they are not being bombarded with messages, that makes it very difficult to concentrate on what the teacher is saying.  In a classroom setting, I know that the students are constantly chatting with each other and not listening to me.  Parents believe that their children are paying attention, but in reality they have a dozen side chats going on and there is no way that any learning is happening.  The owner of the meeting should have a way to turn off side chats, except for between the team members and the owner.  If this online learning is to continue, something needs to change.  I realize that they can find another platform to chat, but this should be an option for the Team Owner.  

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So this should have been disabled in the beginning, as now the students already have all of their private chat groups set up, and those cannot be changed. Am I understanding that correctly?