Disabling screens sharing one one device

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Hi, I have 2 instances of teams, one on laptop and one on Android phone. Typically I work using the laptop and share mine and view other user’s screens when in meetings. However sometime I need to take teams meeting on the move. In this instance I just need to listen to the audio, for example hands-free in the car. Whilst doing this the Teams connection keeps dropping and searching for a network. Audio is replaced by a pinging. I also do Skype calls in the car but do not have the same issue as I have a dial in number. The key point here is whilst in exactly the same location on multiple occasions Skype works and Teams doesn’t so there is signal present.


I can only surmise the difference is the screen sharing that teams is doing and hence eating my devices  bandwidth.


Is there a way to configure teams on an individual device to not receive screen sharing just audio? I understand meeting organisers can include a dial in number for a call but this is not happening and without changing the practice of 100's of meeting organisers it would be easier to fix on my end.

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