Disabling Group Chat Calling - MS Teams

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I am looking for an option where calling is disabled within a chat groups. Is it possible

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@ali249This will not be possible by Design... as everyone in that group chat has calling features enabled to them...

I do wish this was an option, my company would like to disable this as well. Many users accidentally make calls to group chats they are in.
Same, we have this issue too. I was hoping their could be policies you could set up with Teams. Skype for Business allowed this.
4-6 times a week we get employees accidentally group calling everyone. Very frustrating.

I know this is a new reply to an older thread, but, I am not sure where else to suggest this. Instead of disabling teams group calling as suggested in this thread, I simply wish there was a way to pop up an "Are you sure?" message when clicking the call or video call button in a group chat. That popup could even have a don't ask me again. The accidental calling on group chats seems to be a thread so just help users make the right decision. Thoughts?  

I wish this feature is available, inadvertently this happens often, where everyone joins the call.

We can disable Teams group calling option by adding more than 20 members. If we have 20+ members in group Teams calling option will disable automatically@ali249