Disabling File sharing in one to one chats

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Does anyone know if it is possible to either remove or disable the ability to share a file in one to one or group chats in Teams?

Still want to be able to share files via team Channel chats however.

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No, that is not possible. Why do you want to do that? 

Its not possible with any policy but I guess removing their onedrive license will do it since it uses it for 1:1 sharing! But then they can’t utilize it at all!


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Thanks for the quick reply.


We are encouraging all files to be held in SharePoint or in a team  site  for records management and to use One Drive for specific file types such as personal development.

This is an available setting in Skype for Business and we would like to keep the functionality with chats the same.


To follow up on Adam's point disabling OneDrive will work - It would also be possible to disable private chat itself and so restrict users to channels. However, I am guessing you want to keep this element.

I have raised a uservoice for you

Best, Chris

I guess that the Uservoice will take some time until it is implemented if Microsoft will implement it. So your best option is to educate users and convince them that it is better to save files in a central place as in Sharepoint.