Disabling external chats in Teams for specific users in the tenancy

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Hi all,


A client is wanting to limit some people within the organization from engaging in external chats within Teams. This would be including users associated with an organization AND without.


Mainly they want to prevent the users from making outbound requests for chats, but if it's possible to prevent inbound chats to those specific users too, this would be ideal.


I understand that this can be done org-wide, but that's not what we want.


I have seen 2 pre-existing discussions regarding this, one from 2020 where the answer stated that this was impossible and only doable org-wide, and one from 2022 that stated it was possible via powershell, but fails to provide instruction on exactly how.


At this stage I'm hoping someone can provide info on if it's possible, and if so, how it can be done.



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I understand that you want to Disable external chats in Teams for specific users in the tenant.

I think you can control this on a per-user basis via the ExternalAccessPolicy controls.

Each external access option has both an organization setting and user policies. The organization settings apply to your entire organization. User policies determine which users can use the options that you've configured at the organization level. Configure the organization settings to specify which types of external meetings and chat you want to allow, and then configure user policies for the users who should have access to these features.

Reference article: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/manage-external-access#limit-external-access-to-spe...

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