Disabling Automatic Noise Suppression in Microsoft Teams Rooms

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I have had some issues in our fully integrated (mics, amps, DSP etc) Microsoft Teams rooms with the built in Teams noise suppression clashing with our Bose Controlspace EX-1280c DSP noise suppression, causing all audio to drop in and out. I noticed during calls I can shut off the noise suppression, however once the call is dropped and a new one is made, the noise suppression is back on by default. How can I turn off the noise suppression for the Microsoft Teams room and allow the DSP to handle it?

Thanks in advance! 

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@Martin Boam or @Graham Walsh may be able to confirm. Guys, any way to permanently turn noise suppression off on a teams room, like you can via the device settings in the win client?


Best, Chris

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I think this feature may come at a later date and will be configured via the XML.